Mobile Site or App

But I Have a Mobile Website, Why Do I Need a Mobile App?

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This is a common question for SMEs with limited resources and budgets. The great thing is that mobile marketing with websites and apps is not an either/or proposition; in fact, a mobile website and native app work hand in hand to accomplish your marketing objectives and advance your revenue goals. Here’s a look at the functionality and advantages of both mobile websites and a mobile apps.

Mobile Website Mobile App
Marketing Objective Attracting new customers Creating loyal customers
Mechanism of Use Open a browser, enter website URL Tap an icon on smartphone screen
User Interaction Customer visits, completes an activity, exits. Open, two-way and ongoing; push notifications enable on-demand communication
Marketing Advantage More responsive to search queries (in most cases) Engagement, loyalty, and ease of use

Businesses who limit their mobile presence to a responsive website risk the buy and bye scenario: A customer finds you on mobile search, shops or even makes a purchase, and disappears, perhaps forever.On the other hand, businesses who focus solely on marketing via a mobile app might miss out on finding new customers all together.

The most successful marketers use their mobile website to attract new customers and convince them to download their app generating an opportunity for profitable, ongoing relationships by creating engagement, building loyalty, expanding social reach, and delivering highly personalized shopping experiences.