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How to Verify Your Facebook Places Business Page

How to Verify Your Facebook Places Business Page




We get asked  this on an almost on a daily basis ie . How do you get a Facebook business page verified. This new  Facebook feature has recently been  rolled out and allows owners of Local Business Pages on Facebook to get their page ‘verified’.

Once Verified you will get a Grey Tick from Facebook and can significantly increase your credibility and amount of Customers!



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*Having the little gray check mark next to your page name indicates that your page is the official representation of your business.

*It adds to the credibility of your page.

*It helps new Visitors( Potential Customers) to identify you as an established and trustworthy brand.

*Show up higher in search results to attract more visitors.
*Have a verified badge to let visitors know the page is authentic.

*Get early access to new features!

Who wouldn’t want those benefits for the business?!


Given how simple it is to get your Facebook page verified, I encourage all qualified page owners to give it a try.


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You may have noticed that pages have basically two different types of badges: a grey checkmark or a blue one.

A Blue badge next to a page name indicates the authenticity of global brands, media companies or public figures.

A Grey badge, on the other hand, confirms the authenticity of a local business or organization. Basically, if you can provide documentation to show that you’re a legitimate local business, you should apply for the grey badge.

How to get verified as a local business (Grey badge)

There are a some things that must be in place before you’ll have the option to become verified as a local business. Your page must first:

  • Be classified as a local business, company or organization
  • Have a profile photo
  • Have a cover photo

If these elements are in place (and assuming you’re the administrator of the page), you should see the option to verify in your page settings. Just click on “Settings” at the top right of your page, then “General,” then “Page Verification.”

Facebook page verification

Click on “Verify this page” or “Edit” (if you don’t see the, ‘Verify this page’ link). You’ll then be asked to provide a publicly-listed phone number for your business, your country and your language. If you do not have a publicly listed number, or  prefer to verify your page using documentation, you can  do this here.

Just click the “Call me now” to have Facebook send you a 4-digit verification code.  Simply Enter this code and then you have completed the process.

Facebook will usually confirm within a few days if  the verification has been completed.

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